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Products to keep up with new needs and new developments in the world

Meiko provides various state-of-the-art products, such as high-density and high-performance PCBs for smartphones; PCBs compatible with high frequency to achieve automatic driving; and high-heat-dissipation and large-electric-current PCBs capable of withstanding a challenging environment in an automobile engine room or solar power generation equipment.

High-density wiring

Meiko provides high-density-wiring PCBs with the higher degree of design freedom by using the technologies of ultra-fine processing CO2 lasers and filled plating and the technologies of high alignment accuracy. They contribute significantly to the downsizing and thinning of smartphones and other high-performance mobile devices.

High frequency support

Meiko provides PCBs made from high-frequency materials (PTFE, LCP, PPE, Low-k Epoxy) for products using ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System) and other high-frequency radars.

High reliability

Meiko has a long-standing track record of delivery in automotive electronics and other areas that require high reliability. Our products enable the balance between low cost and high quality by selecting optimal materials depending on the required electric, thermal and physical characteristics.

Large electric current support

Meiko provides PCBs used for solar power generation, high-power motors for eco-cars and other products in which large electric current flows. They have a much thicker copper pattern for the circuit than conventional PCBs.

High heat dissipation support

Meiko provides PCBs that realized high heat dissipation by combining aluminum and copper ingots for LED lights, power device driving circuits and other products that require heat dissipation.

Space saving support

As small mobile devices adopt higher-density packaging, the demand for space saving is increasing. Meiko provides PCBs that can be used as an alternative to a connector and ones in which components are mounted, enabling free product design.