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Message from the President

A company is closely tied to the communities and regions in which it operates, as well as to the earth, existing as a member of those social spheres. We at Meiko always bear in mind the role that we need to fulfill in these spheres as we seek to be accepted and grow to be a company worthy of the public’s trust.

With the progress of globalization, global human networks have expanded in our lives, and the demand has been created in various fields, thus economic revitalization has been brought about. On the other hand, global warming, marine plastic pollution, natural disasters, food problems, human rights problems, etc. are occurring around the world, and as evidenced by the adoption of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at the United Nations, there are growing expectations being placed on the corporate sector with regard to the solving of social issues.

In these circumstances, COVID-19 has spread around the world and has had a serious impact this year. Lockdowns were executed to prevent the spread of infection, and the plant shutdowns, store blockages and entry restrictions were implemented in corporate activities, resulting in a sharp drop in demand, affecting employment and wages, etc. It has become necessary to reexamine the social life that has existed.

These changes in the social environment require us to strengthen our management efforts that emphasize ESG in "society" and "governance" in addition to the "environment" field which we have been focusing on in our business areas.

Meiko will support the evolution of cutting-edge technology and contribute to the creation of an affluent society through diverse working style, maintaining employment, and solving social issues by realizing our management philosophy of "providing the best products and services to customers, and happiness for employees and society through manufacturing."

President and CEOYuichiro Naya

President and CEO Yuichiro Naya