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Message from the President

In recent years, the very nature of electronics devices and their significance in the world has changed dramatically. In the past, the advancement of electronics was seen as making life richer and more convenient. While electronics are still expected to deliver these benefits, other factors such as conserving energy, helping preserve the global environment, and providing safety and security to life have also risen in importance. For electronic devices to continue evolving while taking these factors into account, the PCBs used in these devices must apply new concepts. High-density and high-performance PCBs are needed for smartphones, which are equipped with many functionalities in a small body. Highly reliable PCBs are required for enabling automatic driving and safe use of vehicles, while high electric current PCBs are demanded for eco-friendly products including solar power generation, and elemental technologies are needed to achieve energy and resource saving.

Identifying these changes, Meiko has developed a production system that can meet various needs by promoting research and development and enhancing equipment at each production base. In addition, Meiko also has enhanced a sales network that can supply products to customers in Asia, Europe, North America and all round the world as well as Japan. Using our PCBs through those production and sales networks will enable manufacturers to maximize the potential of their devices while keeping pace with the ever-evolving trends in the world and creating new value.

Meiko will continue growing together with the society and our clients by adapting to the continuously changing world and values and always providing the best PCBs.

Yuichiro Naya, President & CEO

Yuichiro Naya, President & CEO