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These are multi-layer PCBs in which layers are piled up one by one using laser technology and plating technology after forming a conductor pattern on an insulating layer. Because wiring is possible on the connection part of each layer, this method achieves higher density and higher integration than ordinary multi-layer through-hole PCBs. They are used for devices that require high-density wiring in a limited space.



  • HDI PCBs with Staggered Via and Stacked Via
  • Any combination with Laser Via, IVH or Plated Through Hole is possible


  • Cellular phones
  • Small mobile devices
  • Car navigation systems
  • Digital cameras
  • Digital video cameras
  • Multi-function printers, etc.

Cross section

M-VIA I (Staggered Via)
M-VIA I (Staggered Via)
M-VIA II (Stack)
M-VIA II (Stack Via)


M-VIA I (Staggered Via)
M-VIA I (Staggered Via)
M-VIA II (Stack)
M-VIA II (Stack Via)

Design rule

Unit: μm
Parameter Symbol Standard Spec Min Spec
Line width/Spacing HDI Layer A / A' 75 / 75 50 / 50
Core Layer B / B' 75 / 75 50 / 50
Plated Through Hole Drill Diameter C 300 250
Pad Diameter Outer Layer D 550 450
Inner Layer E 600 500
IVH Drill Diameter F 250 200
Pad Diameter Outer Layer G 500 400
Inner Layer H 500 450
Laser Via Via Diameter I 100 75
Pad Diameter J 250 220
Dielectric Thickness HDI Layer K 60 40
Core Layer L 100 60
  • These figures are merely settings. They are subject to change without notice.

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