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What CONNECTED CAR Brings About

Here comes the innovation of IT and automation in cars.
Cars are entering the era of CONNECTED CARS, in which cars are always connected to the internet.
Meiko will support this upcoming future of cars
with know-how we have cultivated in the automobile and communication areas.


Sensors detect information on the surroundings and prevent danger automatically.

Numerous cameras and millimeter wave radar sensors are used in brake control technologies that decrease speed when approaching an obstacle or adjusting the inter-vehicle distance, and systems that notify the driver of a risk of catching an obstacle at the side of the vehicle. These devices can detect danger lurking in blind spots.

Safety Control


You can obtain the latest useful information anytime from the cloud.

By equipping automobiles with telecommunication functionality, information collected from sensors can be analyzed in real time and shared with others. This enables the driver to obtain prediction information on dangerous places outside the field of vision more quickly.



Automatic driving will be realized in the future through the advance of safety control and telecommunication technologies.

Toward the achievement of automatic driving, many companies are promoting development in the safety control and telecommunication areas. In the future, services based on automatic driving will be started, such as automatically driven taxis or unmanned delivery. Thanks to these services, our lives will be more convenient and comfortable.

Automatic Driving

Meiko’s Technologies
Supporting the CONNECTED CAR

Technologies to Support Safety Control

Meiko produces PCBs used for vehicle’s ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance System). ADAS is a system to detect the risk of an accident in advance and avoid it. ADAS includes PCBs for engine control, brake control, surrounding radars, and infrared cameras, for example.

While a very stringent quality standard has already been defined for PCBs used in passenger vehicles, Meiko has reliable technologies and has built trust since the 1980s based on our experience in transactions with automakers.

Technologies to Support Safety Control

Technologies to Support Telecommunications

Meiko produces high-density-wiring and high-spec PCBs for smartphones and other communication devices. PCBs developed by Meiko have features compatible with high-speed lines, which are indispensable for realization of the next-generation communication society. In the next-generation communication society, the speed at which information can be exchanged will be important. In particular, as vehicles become more automated, roads surrounding them will adopt more information technologies. In this environment, various kinds of information need to be communicated quickly and precisely. In addition to PCBs for smartphones, Meiko produces PCBs used for their base stations. Meiko has the ability to support the next-generation infrastructure.

Technologies to Support Telecommunications

We are about to reach the future

Meiko has wide-ranging technological strengths and a solid track record
from automobile PCBs to smartphone PCBs,
and can meet new demands by combining those technologies.
Meiko will help realize a better society with new
and original ideas.