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AnyLayer PCB (M-VIA Ⅲ)

These are PCBs that enable free connection between all layers combining laser technology and filled plating technology that allows ultra-fine processing. With the higher degree of design freedom and higher-density wiring, these PCBs are ideal for the needs of downsizing and thinning of smartphones and other high performance devices.

AnyLayer PCB (M-VIA Ⅲ)


  • AnyLayer PCBs with Laser Via and Filled Plating on each layer
  • Thinner 0.4mm pitch CSP by AnyLayer interconnection supported
  • Mass-production of 10-layer M-VIA Ⅲ (AnyLayer PCBs) for mobile devices


  • Smartphones
  • Wearable devices
  • Digital cameras
  • Digital video cameras
  • Small mobile devices, etc.

Cross section

AnyLayer PCBs (M-VIA Ⅲ)
AnyLayer PCB (M-VIA Ⅲ)


10-layer M-VIA Ⅲ
10-layer M-VIA Ⅲ

Design rule

Unit: μm
Parameter Symbol Standard Spec Min Spec
Line width/Spacing HDI Layer A / A' 75 / 75 50 / 50
Plated Through Hole Drill Diameter B 300 250
Pad Diameter Outer Layer C 550 450
Inner Layer D 600 500
Laser Via Via Diameter E 100 75
Pad Diameter F 250 220
Dielectric thickness HDI Layer G 60 40
Core Layer H 60 50
PCB Thickness 6-layer I 440
8-layer 590
10-layer 740
  • These figures are merely settings. They are subject to change without notice.

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