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The forward-looking statements on this website, such as statements about future business prospects, are based on information in the possession of the Company and certain assumptions the Company deems to be legitimate. In the electronic circuit board industry, there are many risks and uncertain factors related to material prices, diversified trends in customer markets, technical trends, exchange rate, tax systems, and various institutions. Thus, the published business performance may substantially vary as result of these factors. The Company bears no responsibility for any damage caused by using the information published on this website.

This website may not publish all the information the Company discloses to stock exchanges, or may present descriptions that differ from the information disclosed. As a result, the contents of this website are subject to be changed or deleted.

In addition, though the Company carefully monitors the contents on this website, it bears no responsibility for errors in the information that is published, data tampering by a third party, or damage caused when downloading data.

The purpose for publishing information on this website is not to solicit investment. When you invest, please refrain from completely trusting the information on this website and ask that you exercise your own judgment when making investment decisions.