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Message from the President

Meiko will continue to earn the public's trust though our environmentally focused efforts and practices that are consistent with achieving a safe and secure society.

A company is closely tied to the communities and regions in which it operates, as well as to the earth, existing as a member of those social spheres. We at Meiko always bear in mind the role that we need to fulfill in these spheres as we seek to be accepted and grow to be a company worthy of the public’s trust. Furthermore, we believe that it is an important social responsibility to actively disclose our results with regard to these issues and to create greater value through communication with our stakeholders. Recently, for example, the earth has been facing various challenges, including environmental destruction, resource and energy issues, human rights issues, and natural disasters and food shortages. These challenges are common to all of humanity, and they require international organizations, national governments, companies and individuals to work together and address their respective roles. We at Meiko are fully aware of the role we need to fulfill and are working earnestly on these challenges.

In our business activities, we are working to reduce the environmental burden and risks of our production processes and enhance resource efficiency, thereby contributing to a sustainable society. We proceeded with the commercialization of various products, including high electric current PCBs, high heat dissipation PWBs and high-frequency PWBs. These products are important components for photovoltaic power generation, hybrid cars, electric vehicles and other applications that contribute to the realization of an environmental society or enable various functions relating to the safety and security of driving vehicles. Our supply chain approach does not consist merely of low-cost procurement but also takes into consideration resource depletion and ecological degradation. In addition, we address the problem of conflict minerals from and child labor in areas beset by civil wars and ethnic conflicts by setting forth a Group policy of eliminating the procurement of materials from the relevant areas and companies. As regards compliance, we provide regulations and manuals for all employees with due respect to various norms and ethics around the world. Each of our employees is working on compliance issues in awareness of the global standards with regard to corporate social responsibility.

In June 2015 we constructed Solar Park Fukushima within the premises of Meiko Fukushima Factory. On the land adjacent to the Solar Park, additional solar panels have been set and started photovoltaic power generation in April 2017.

The new power generating area is approximately 7,500m2 installed with 2,016 solar panels, and the generating capacity is 534KW. The total generating capacity including the original Solar Park is around 3,000KW. The Solar Park has achieved stable power generation every month. With the launch of the additional facility, the business will grow further.

We believe that our activities will contribute further in promotion of renewable energy, building of sustainable society and global environmental preservation, which are actively promoted by Hirono-cho and Fukushima Prefecture since the Great East Japan Earthquake.

Taking contribution to local community and society as a key priority, all of our employees act under the recognition that Meiko´s efforts to create a sustainable society are vital to earning the trust of customers, investors, local communities and society itself, and will continue to dedicate themselves to promoting such initiatives.

I look forward to your continued support and advice in the future.

All of our employees recognize Meiko’s efforts at creating a sustainable society to be vital to earning the t rust of our customers, investors, local communities, and society itself, and will continue to dedicate themselves to implementing our CSR activities.

I hope we can continue to rely on your support and cooperation in the future.

President and CEOYuichiro Naya

President and CEO Yuichiro Naya