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FR4-FLEX/M-VIA Flex® is rigid-flex PCB without polyimide and can be utilized for applications that do not require repeated bending. Meiko has two types of Rigid-Flex PCB without polyimide, and FR4-FLEX achieved low-cost and high-reliability PCBs by using ordinary FR-4 only as the primary material. On the other hand, M-VIA Flex® improves flexibility by combining RCC and FR-4 as primary materials.
FR4-FLEX/M-VIA Flex® can be used as an alternative to connectors to reduce process load and cost by reducing connectors.



  • Reduction in process load and cost by reducing connectors
  • Offer of the three-dimensional structure and larger capacity of multiple memories
  • Zo design of flexible sections and improved transmission quality



  • Automotive devices
  • Amusement

M-VIA Flex®

  • Consumer devices
  • Mobile terminals

Explanatory Drawing


Design rule

Parameter Symbol Standard Spec
Line width/spacing A / B ≧0.15mm / ≧0.15mm
Conductor thickness outer/inner layer C / D 0.051mm / 0.035mm
Dielectric thickness E 0.1mm
Minimum radius of flex F ≧3.8mm
Thickness of flex G 0.20 - 0.24mm
Width of flex H <160 mm
Length of flex 6.0mm
Conductor length in rigid part J ≧1mm
Spacing between conductor and flex K ≧1mm
Spacing between SR-opening and flex L ≧0.5mm
Spacing between TH and flex M ≧2mm
Spacing between flex SR and flex N ≧0.5mm
Overlapping of flex SR O ≧0.5mm
  • These figures are merely settings. They are subject to change without notice.

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