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Quality Policy

Meiko is committed to contribute to society by supplying customers with products that are backed by world class technology and guaranteeing the highest level of customer satisfaction, resulting in improved company profits and employee well-being. Therefore, we always set quality goals to improve continuously the quality of our operations as well as our products by ensuring the management cycle in every process of work. Needless to say, we will comply all statutory and regulatory requirements.

Ensuring quality that meets customer expectations and instills confidence

October 23, 2017
Yuichiro Naya, President and CEO

Environmental Policy

Meiko recognizes that protecting the global environment and committing to clean air and water are critical responsibilities that we have for the generations that come after us. We use resources effectively and operate in a way that is compatible with our living environment.

Environmental Action Guidelines

Meiko’s businesses include the pattern design and manufacture of printed wiring boards and the manufacture of metal masks, as well as the development and manufacture of electronic devices. We consider the implications of these activities for the environment, and emphasize the importance of reducing their impact in terms of air, noise, water quality and use, and energy consumption. In accordance with our basic environmental policy, we fully comprehend the impact our business activities have on local communities. We make every effort, in both technical and financial terms, to prevent environmental pollution and reduce our environmental footprint through the following measures:

  1. We have established a structure for strengthening our environmental conservation activities, and we develop and revise our environmental management system, operate the system appropriately to reduce our impact on the environment, and work continuously to improve both.
  2. We contribute to environmental conservation by making efforts to conserve resources and energy, reduce waste, and encourage recycling.
  3. We will properly manage chemical substances in products so that the product does not contain harmful chemicals.
  4. We properly manage chemical substances in the production process to limit their usage and reduce their environmental impact.
  5. We fully comprehend the impact of environmental pollutants and work to prevent environmental pollution.
  6. We observe all laws, regulations, ordinances, and other requirements concerning the environment.
  7. We set environmental goals and objectives, conduct environmental conservation activities, and strive to improve these activities.
  8. We provide training and instruction to all our employees with the aim of instilling a strong awareness of environmental conservation activities in them.
  9. We are documenting this environmental policy and distributing it to all our employees, and are also making it available to the public.

October 19, 2017
Yuichiro Naya, President and CEO