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Double-sided/Multi-Layer PCB

These are multi-layer PCB composed by piling up insulator layers and conductor layers several times. The number of layers ranges from 4 or 6 to 10 or more layers. These PCBs are used for a wide range of applications from special products with high-durability to generic ones. They are used for PCs and peripherals, automotive devices, digital home appliances and gaming machines. Among them, Meiko has a long-standing track record of delivery in automotive electronics and other areas that require high reliability. Our products enable the balance between low cost and high quality by selecting optimal materials depending on the required electric, thermal and physical characteristics.

Double-Sided/Multi-Layer Through-Hole PCBs


  • Any characteristics can be added by selecting appropriate materials
  • High reliability, high durability
  • Lower cost of generic products


  • Engine control units
  • Various automotive electronics
  • Digital home appliances
  • Communication devices
  • Computer peripherals
  • Amusement devices, etc.

Surface picture

multi-layer PCB
multi-layer PCB
Double-Sided PCB
Double-Sided PCB

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