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High Layer Count PCB

Taking advantage of our total strength in PCB manufacturing, Meiko provides low-cost and high-reliability high layer count PCBs from our domestic and overseas production bases in a timely manner. By supporting the fine pitch with the technology of high alignment accuracy as well as applying multi-stacked HDI technology using laser via and filled plating, Meiko realizes the multi-layer substrate structure with the high degree of wiring freedom. In addition, Meiko achieves reduction in the number of layers and cost by offers tailored to customers from PCB design to implementation.

High Layer Count PCB


  • High-density implementation supported
  • High-speed communication supported by low-loss materials


  • Communication base station network devices
  • High-speed and large-capacity optical fiber devices
  • Communication devices
  • Measurement devices
  • Computer peripherals
  • Medical devices

Cross section

14-layer (3-8-3) high layer count PCB
14-layer (3-8-3) high layer count PCB

Design rule

Unit: μm
Parameter Standard Spec
Max. layer count 22-layer
HDI stack 3
Board thickness 3.0mm
Max work panel size 535mm × 610mm
Aspect ratio 12:1
L/S 0.07/0.07mm
Surface finish OSP, ENIG, hard gold
Material FR-4, FR-5, HF, Low/Mid loss
  • These figures are merely settings. They are subject to change without notice.

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