Nov. 1975 Established Meiko Denshi Kogyo Co., Ltd. to design, manufacture, and sell PCBs
Apr. 1978 Established the System Development Department to develop electronics application products
Oct. 1978 Development of PCB testers
Sep. 1980 Constructed headquarters building and main factory; created vertically integrated production system to handle each stage of production, from design to the finished product
Dec. 1980 Started manufacturing multi-layer PCBs
Dec. 1981 Developed the world's first multi-video processor
Sep. 1982 Constructed Yamagata Factory (currently Yamagata Meiko Electronics Co., Ltd.)
Aug. 1984 Expanded the main factory (currently headquarters and Kanagawa Factory Building E)
Jan. 1985 Established Nagoya Sales Office
Jun. 1986 Established Meiko Fine Co., Ltd. to mount components on PCBs
Jul. 1988 Established M.D. Systems Co., Ltd. to design PCBs
Jan. 1989 Established Koriyama Sales Office
Jun. 1990 Constructed Fukushima Factory
Apr. 1991 Changed name to Meiko Electronics Co., Ltd.
Nov. 1997 Constructed new manufacturing building at the Yamagata Factory (Yamagata Meiko Electronics Co., Ltd.)
Aug. 1998 Established Meiko Elec. Hong Kong. Co., Ltd. in Hong Kong, China
Dec. 1998 Established Meiko Electronics (Guangzhou Nansha) Co., Ltd. in Guangzhou, Guangdong, China
Dec. 2000 Stock listed on JASDAQ (over the counter)
Jan. 2001 Constructed Guangzhou Factory in China (Meiko Electronics (Guangzhou Nansha) Co., Ltd.)
Jun. 2001 Established MDS Circuit Technology, Inc. in Manila, the Philippines to design PCBs
Jan. 2002 Established Osaka Sales Office
Mar. 2003 Established Shanghai Sales Office
Jun. 2004 Constructed No.2 factory building at the Guangzhou Factory
Jul. 2004 Established Tokorozawa Sales Office
Dec. 2004 Established Miyagi Factory (Miyagi Meiko Electronics Co., Ltd.)
Jul. 2005 Established Meiko Electronics (Wuhan) Co., Ltd. in Wuhan, Hubei, China
Nov. 2005 Established Taiwan Sales Office
Nov. 2005 Constructed new factory building at Miyagi Factory
Apr. 2006 Established Meiko Electronics America, Inc. in San Jose, CA, to conduct PCB sales in the USA
Jun. 2006 Constructed Wuhan Factory (Meiko Electronics (Wuhan) Co., Ltd.) in China
Jun. 2006 Established Tianjin Sales Office
Sep. 2006 Established Nagano Sales Office
Jan. 2007 Established Meiko Electronics Vietnam Co. ,Ltd. in the suburb of Hanoi, Vietnam
Apr. 2007 Established Nagano R&D center at the engineering department of Shinshu University to develop PCBs
Jun. 2007 Established Meiko Electronics Europe GmbH in Germany (Munich) to conduct PCB sales in Europe
Nov. 2007 Constructed new headquarters building at the Kanagawa Factory
Apr. 2008 Assumed control of the Circuit Business of Victor Company of Japan, Limited
Nov. 2008 Established Osaki Sales Office
Apr. 2009 Launched operation of EMS Factory in Vietnam
May 2009 Established MEIKO Research and Development Center
Jul. 2009 Completed and launched operation of No.2 factory building at the Wuhan Factory
Sep. 2010 Established Omiya Sales Office (relocated from Tokorozawa)
Oct. 2010 Miyagi Meiko Electronics Co., Ltd. acquired Togoshi Co., Ltd.

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