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Message from the President

Meiko will continue to earn the public's trust though our environmentally focused efforts and practices that are consistent with achieving a safe and secure society.

A company is closely tied to the community, the region, and to the earth, and must continue to exist as a member of those social spheres. We at Meiko respond sincerely to the issues in these spheres, always remaining aware of the role that we need to fulfill and what we can contribute in each. By doing so, we seek to be accepted globally and locally and to grow to be a company worthy of the public’s trust.

Furthermore, we believe that it is an important social responsibility to actively disclose our results with regard to these issues and to create greater value through communication with our stakeholders.

Recently, for example, the earth has been facing various challenges, including environmental destruction, resource and energy issues, human rights issues, and natural disasters and food shortages occurring around the world. These are challenges common to all of humanity, and they require international organizations, national governments, companies that are active in each region, and all individuals in society to work together to play their respective roles.

As a member of the global community, we at Meiko are fully aware of the role we need to fulfill, and are working earnestly to solve these problems.

In our environmental efforts, we are working on research and development of technology that can reduce the environmental burdens and risks produced from our production processes, and enhance resource efficiency in order to contribute to reducing the environmental impact on our society as a whole. For example, we are pressing ahead with development of new technology that greatly reduces the amount of copper and energy needed for the manufacturing of printed circuit boards (PCBs) and expect to utilize this technology in our mass-production of flexible PCBs and heavy copper PCBs.

In our products as well, we quickly initiated production of High Electric Current PCBs and Heat Dissipation PCBs, essential for the various products, such as photovoltaic power generation, hybrid cars, electric vehicles, and LED lights, which will contribute to realization of an environmental society by reducing the burden on the environment.

Our supply chain approach does not consist merely of "procuring materials from low cost countries," but takes into consideration resource depletion and ecological degradation. In addition, we view the problem of conflict minerals from areas beset by civil wars and ethnic conflicts as a pressing human rights issue, and our Group policy is to completely eliminate the procurement of materials that include conflict minerals in order to contribute to the resolution of these issues.

Here at Meiko, where our businessis manufacturing, quality of our products is one of our key priorities. Once you start to have issues in terms of quality, not only do you lose all of the trust you have earned, but you also cause problems for customers using your products as well as all other stakeholders with an interest in the company.Appreciating just how important quality is, we have created a Quality Policy committed to achieving levels of quality and reliability that guarantee the highest possible customer satisfaction.

Unfortunately, a fire broke out at Meiko’s Vietnam Plant last year, disrupting supply of products and causing considerable inconvenience for the customers involved. In order ensure that such accidents do not happen again, we will re-inspect all domestic and foreign plants to determine the potential risk of fires or other hazards, and take steps to prevent their occurrence.

Taking contribution to local community and society as a key priority, all of our employees act under the recognition that Meiko´s efforts to create a sustainable society are vital to earning the trust of customers, investors, local communities and society itself, and will continue to dedicate themselves to promoting such initiatives.

I look forward to your continued support and advice in the future.

All of our employees recognize Meiko’s efforts at creating a sustainable society to be vital to earning the t rust of our customers, investors, local communities, and society itself, and will continue to dedicate themselves to implementing our CSR activities.

I hope we can continue to rely on your support and cooperation in the future.

President and CEOYuichiro Naya

President and CEO Yuichiro Naya