Specialty PCB Speciality PCB Test Probe Board with bump Contacts


  • Fine pitch contacts with high durability, enabled by simultaneous formation of bumps and conductors through our patented transfer circuitization process.


  • Probe for full contact FPD tester.
  • Probe for 100% coverage FPD tester.
  • Probe for LSI tester.

24μm製品バンプ部 28μm製品バンプ部


Item HBC Rigid type TFPC Flexible type
Base material Glass/Epoxy Polyimide
Pitch >20 >20
Conductor width >10 >10
Contacts Bump Bump
Contact performance △ Fair ◎ Excellent
Durability ◎ Excellent ○ Good
Precision ◎ Excellent ○ Good

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